Flagge Philippinen The new generation of projects in the Philippines:
                                                       straight action instead of idle talking!
Flagge Philippinen

The idea is simple: On our very own family farm we develop new farming techniques to raise the net income of small farmers in our region. Projects that have proven to a success will be imitated by our neighbouring farmers, while we will provide financial and technical support for them. All of this goes down without political, religious or ideological intervention, without endless debating or shallow promise.

On our demonstration farm(15 hectares), we initiate a self sustaining crop rotation. All the various stages of planting, breeding and harvesting of goods are connected to each other, nothing will be wasted! The purpose is stabilization and improvement to the local economy cycles. read more

We have already developed eco friendly methods that allow us to plant and harvest vegetables outside of their usual season, the advantage being higher prices for our products on the market. It is already widely in use by other farmers of the region, who can always rely on our technical support.read more

One very important aspect is the cultivation of useful tree species. Beside the obvious profiting from their fruits and leaves they also function as natural windshields, as a fence sorrounding our property and as backup in our struggle against various pests and parasites.read more One of our special concepts is the production of natural charcoal. Based on agricultural principles invented by the natives of the amazon delta centuries ago, this allows a remarkable reduction of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. read more

The major part of our farm waste is feeded to the farm animals. Animal dung and remnants of the slaughtering process in turn are used in our natural fertilizer mixtures. This dynamic cycle guarantees our full independence from major farming companies, one of our main priorities. read more The solution for one major problem, low prices during the harvesting season, will be solved through the construction of a facility to dry and conserve our goods. This makes it possible to raise our profits and endure harsh times. read more

Rice husks, as a byproduct of the rice cultivation, are often simply stacked in heaps and burned. We consider this a waste of valuable resources! Therefore, on our farm, rice husks will be used as fuel for drying(conservation) of goods and the production of our natural fertilizer. read more Currently we organize "free clinics" for poor farmer families. In one day a team of doctors, dentists and pharmacists is able to treat about 200 people and provide them with free medication.
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How you can help:

1. Donations enforce the success of our projects on a wide scale. Even small donations mean a lot of help for us.

2. Up-to-date pictures and progress reports, feel free to comment here on our projects ! We gladly receive any helpful ideas and informations. It is crucial to the success of our many small projects!